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scribble animatic
key-visual architecture character
final-art live sketching

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Illustrations enhance every presentation, every talk and training session. They bring ideas to life, filling them with colour and movement, with emotion and information and leave strong impressions.

My images serve as a valuable tool that will help to sell your concepts to clients and consumers and motivate your teams, ensuring that your ideas will come across just as you envisage them.

When you work with me, you can expect creative input, rapid results and fair and transparent prices.



Scribbles are a simple and inexpensive way to give a fast, initial impression of an idea and for getting a client on board. With a few skillful lines, a scribble allows you to rough out a concept, whilst leaving plenty of room for the imagination and the further development of the idea.



In order to bring a film idea to life, whether for TV and cinema commercials, music videos or for social media, the storyboard is ideal. It helps to bring across the expressive power of a concept or to transport complex visual information.

  When storyboard frames are created in different layers with the addition of separate elements, then the storyboard can be made into moving images: an animatic. The animatic makes it easy to judge timing and pacing of a film and creates a strong impression of the final product, besides being an ideal format for consumer testing.

I have made many animatics, working closely with the client to produce a perfect result. This also includes high-quality animatics that go on to be used as sales tools and educational films.


Layout Visual

Illustrations help in communicating with clients, consumers and photographers and for selling an idea, testing it or executing it. layout visual can be used to visualise every print idea upfront. A variety of different styles and techniques enable the final look to be accurately reflected.

I can deliver illustrations utilising every imaginable technique: from the more traditional with pen, pencil, ink and felt pen, to digital imagery that make use of 3D and photos.



Events call for a wide range of different locations: halls, containers, kitchens, stages, exhibition tents and stands. I am often asked to depict such architecture settings for events and trade fairs, adding human detail and creating the right atmosphere. This requires both a good grasp of architectural structures and a strong visual imagination.



Think of all the many characters that give a face to products and brands. They create empathy and offer identification for consumers. They add value and memorability. They are popular and enduring, with some of them becoming celebrities in their own right. Creating a character is always an exciting challenge and I have brought many to life: cartoon and comic figures and characters based on humans, superhumans, animals and even inanimate objects. Just tell me what you have in mind.


Final Art

A layout illustration plays a subordinate role, serving as a placeholder as it were for the final execution. But the finished illustration is the final art execution. Whether it appears as an artwork in a book or a comic, on packaging, DVD covers or t-shirts, the finished illustration is designed to see the light of day. As such, it represents the highest level of an illustrator’s art.


Live Sketching

The ability to work with speed and accuracy is vital when it comes to live sketching. There are many occasions where live sketching is called for, where fast, first impressions are required: for example, during brainstorming sessions and workshops and for group discussions. Or as part of an event or office function.